Frog Water

by Slush

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We Extend Our Gratitude To: Derrick VanDeraa, The Wiebusch family, George’s Bush, Nick Herman, Stephen, Sophie Carey, Rock N Roll Land, Luke George, Jacob Polancich, Silus Short, The Satermo family, Toby Tobolt, Andrew Freeburg, Candy (wherever you are), John Liljenfeldt, Savannah Julius, Amanda Stahl, The dog, The guy at the United Stone, Chase Zastrow, The Slush-mobile, Ha-Wauka-Cha Heights, Suburban Drywall, Molly’s Gluten Free Bakery, Platt Elementary, simongamer987, Greg, Foxygen, Sponch, Momcrieff, and The Suburban.


released May 28, 2017

Written, recorded and produced by Slush.

Zack Moncrieff: Vocals, lyrics
Jack Wiebusch: Guitar, production, keyboard
Stone Laporte: Bass
Daniel Palmeter : Drums

Jake Gesell: Violin
Jack Bohnsack: Asshole, trumpet



all rights reserved


Slush Milwaukee, Wisconsin

8/25 Madison
8/26 North Lake
8/27 Milwaukee
9/1 Appleton
9/23 Milwaukee
9/30 Green Bay


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Track Name: Your Place
you are so vexatious
always in my face
you’re so damn inane
you just don’t know your place
you are so lost, you sit around for days
you just don't know who you are
you just don’t know your place

cataclysm of anger, caused by you
every night i sit in bed
and think, why’d it have to be you

you just don’t know
your place
your place
your place
Track Name: Predator
i knew this was cursed from the start
my trusts just never went far
behind my back your were talking
who knew i’d be stalking
you should’ve never done that
you know what you did
know you’re going to get it

you live in the red house
right down the street
one day you’ll love me
when you’re tied up in my back seat
both of us are finished
neither of us have seatbelts
i’ve ripped out the airbags
you’re gonna feel pain you’ve never felt

i’m the predator
i’m the predator
i’m the predator
you’re my victim
Track Name: H.O.L.E.
blinded by your controlling
and quickly rotting minds
why did i ever come here
fuck i should have seen the signs

cold and numb like rotting corpses
these people have no spine
i need a place to run and hide
a need a hole to find

there's somewhere to go and hide
the ground is always safe
become one with the perforation
come into the hole

20 feet down 10 feet wide
and full of reconciliation
this place full of ravishment
our void in litigation

the tunnel in your fractured mind
breaches all regard
the hole from misery
is hidden in the yard!

the tunnel in your fractured mind
breaches all regard
the hole from misery
is hidden in the yard!

all these dreadful people-
just let me in my hole
all these dreadful people-
won’t let me in my hole
Track Name: Frog Water
a siren of the swamp
covered in algae
sings to the sailors
“why don’t you love me”

the bog by the sea
she swims and sings
through mangrove trees
seducing men and kings

a fisherman sails
and strikes a rock
well goodness me,
the woman squawks

"take a step into the frog water"

the man is old
weak and blind
he can only hear
the songs sung so divine

he slides in the water
past his peg leg
she sings a song
come closer! there she begs

he hobbles through
the roots and trees
coughing through
his sickly disease

the woman sings
and further he roams
into the swamp
and the siren’s home

the song has stopped
he cannot see
the demon coming
to snap his knee

snap he screams
his back, she breaks
snap he screams
his back, she breaks
Track Name: Losing
can't think of what to do
this day feels so stretched out
this is an old feeling
scared by everyone
dark abyss
losing hair
losing my sense of self
living in the same clock
driving on a road that's gone
don't know how to write this song
black substance
fake noises
can't think of what to do
this day feels so stretched out
this is an old feeling
scared by everyone
Track Name: Victim
i look out the window, what do i see
grey ski mask staring back at me
a white cowboy hat, darts through my lawn
heads to the front door, fuck now he’s gone

panic x4
fucking help me
no x8

in the kitchen, i hear a crash
i look around the corner, he’s digging through the trash
he looks at me, with blood in his eyes
it’s almost like i can see through his disguise

panic x4
fucking help me
no x8

now i know, i’m going to die
deep down i know nobody can hear me cry
i know who this is, i scream all i can
i’m sorry for the lies, i’ll die in your van

panic help me
fuck help me
panic help me
no x2
no x2
Track Name: In The Junkyard
in the junkyard
with you and me
in the junkyard
with you and me
in the junkyard
sleepin’ in cars
in the junkyard
all day long
in the Junkyard
Track Name: To Mind Or Care
the sun will set again
and leave us in despair
the sands of time, are left behind
to find some comfort there

the dark down the hallway
with light as a whisper
living without the door
doesn’t scare me anymore
Track Name: My Consciousness
you’re, you’re still there
you didn’t care much, did you
no nervousness, do your best
and i will judge you
speak, speak right now
or forever live in silence
a dark entry way, in my way
i approach you
you, you remain you didn’t
approach me

oh, oh, oh, oh
you were in there, wearing red
your clothing symbolized my despair
you were in love
what happened, an affair
my father, burned at the stake
you never left
my consciousness

you were never there, it is so unfair
there was love, what happened to it
what happened to it
you were my love, you’d never share
it was expected that you’d regret
my selfishness, got the best of me
but my ego is still small
your elementary education
took your mind on vacation
failure after failure
we made success

one day you’ll reach the fork in the road
the choice you want deep down is yours
but if you take the one you are shown
your passions and dreams, they will know